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He isn’t really

But you look good on his arm, to his friends, in his fantasies.

He’ll send you 17 unsolicited pictures of himself on the very first day you correspond, because he’s seen no finer beauty than his

He’ll record voice notes of him singing and strumming his guitar, for you, he’d claim, but he’s only obsessed with the sound of his voice

He’ll dominate your conversations, and tell you how foolish it’ll be of him to let you go, while not allowing you to get a single word in

He’ll drop remarks like worms on a hook, and you’ll say, “oh, you just finished working out?… Okay.” But to yourself. You’ll let the comment go like it wasn’t ever uttered. He’ll keep on rambling, but he’s definitely not catching any compliments today

Eventually, you’d realise that when a narcissist falls in love with you, he isn’t really

He can only ever love himself.